Entry 062: The Purge


img_7608-2God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called! ~ Unknown

They say, elevation requires separation and I am finding that to be very true. I have been doing a lot of purging and soul searching. From friends, acquaintances, to old flames that I’ve allowed to plague my life. I needed a release from all that was bad for me. I took time out for myself and prayed long and hard for The Lord to deliver me from people, places, things and attitudes that were just no good and not conducive to the woman I am transforming into and when I tell you that I am a better woman for it, believe me! There are things that I have done in my life that I am not proud of, but we all have a story to tell, right? I am here to share a lot of my experiences to prove to you that God moves through you and places you where He needs you to be. My testimony is a great one, but still going because my tests aren’t over and I am still going. I hope that my life and what I do with it touches someone. Anything is possible and if you truly want to change, you can. Just ask God to guide you and order your steps and you will NOT regret it. Don’t be afraid to remove yourself from anything that you deem unfit for your life. The possibilities are endless when you put your mind to what you want.
Thank you for stopping by, I love you, I mean it!
XOXO Kimsue

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