My Year In Review

New Year; New Beginning

2021 started off on such a positive note. I was two months into my new job, I was relaunching my blog and putting myself in position to be recognized by fashion brands as an influencer. What I did not know was that a fire would change the course of my life and put me and my family out of the home that we have lived in for the last fifteen years. Let’s take a trip down memory lane.

Crossing Over Into 2021 In Style

How A Girl & A Candle Extinguished My Entire Life

Starting the Month of March Off Right

March 1, 2021. I woke up feeling extreme gratitude for the blessing of life and the direction mine was going. Thanking God for big and small favors and not questioning what he does not will. I went to work in a super good mood. I posted a picture with a beautiful message. I am working through the day and then my phone began to ring. I did not get to it fast enough because I was out of my office. As soon as I got back to my desk, I called my sister back and she said our building was on fire! At first, I did not believe it, but she called me on FaceTime and showed me. I rushed home and once I reached my house I had to stand there and watch my building burn down.

My Home Went Up in Smoke!

The roof collapsed twice, and it took firefighters from seven towns to put the fire out. My pets, minus my dog were still in the house and I was frantic! Fifteen years of my life up in smoke because the tenant on the top floor decided it was a good idea to burn a candle and then go and take a shower. How can a person be so careless!? My family and I have never been through anything like this. Being burned out of your home is worse than death. At least when you’re dead and gone you don’t have to worry about anything. When you are burned out and survive you must start over and replace things that you already had. It’s a painful process. You have to find a new place to live, replace clothing, and a host of other things and some things that you will never be able to replace. I work hard to take care of myself and my loved ones and to be displaced is devastating, to say the least. Being the most fashionable one in the family I’ve acquired many things and they were all ruined. My clothing, furniture, electronics and all sorts of family heirlooms, and other sentimental things. I have my family, as they all got out safely so I will not complain. Material possessions can be replaced but when you’ve worked hard to have a comfortable life and nice things it is painful to see them destroyed by someone else’s negligence. Having had time to process all that has happened, I am no longer angry because I am certain that this was God’s plan to take me where I needed to be. I have been saying for a long time that I wanted to move, but I was complacent and didn’t move fast enough. I prayed all the time that I find a place big enough for my family to be comfortable. It took a tragedy for us to be in a space that we are comfortable and free of people who could care less about their surroundings and living space. We did not want to be moved by fire, but God said you are not moving fast enough, so let me give you the nudge that you so desperately need.

COVID-19 Not Come To Play

Now we are going into Summer, and everything feels great! We are settling into our new home nicely and I have been decorating and organizing things. Everything is going well, and I am thinking how blessed we have been to find something so quickly and in the same town. I did not want to uproot my family, so it was great to find a home nearby. As if I can deal with anything else; I tested positive for COVID on July 3rd. I was so upset, but I felt that if I did everything that was recommended by my healthcare professional, I would be fine. Well, that was not the case. I went from isolating at home for two weeks to ending up in the hospital with COVID pneumonia and I was not doing well. I think it hit me harder because I have Diabetes and Asthma, so I really suffered. I spent nine days in the hospital in isolation. I was miserable, but I still felt blessed that I could feel anything. Having COVID could have gone either way for me and I am glad that I am still here to tell my tale. It is taking longer than normal to recover, as I have what they call long COVID. I have been seeing a cardiologist, pulmonologist, and a mental health therapist along with my regular doctor and it has been the best thing for me. I was out of work for two months and lost pay and really struggling to make ends meet. Losing your home and then being out of work because of COVID puts a strain on your finances, but I was blessed with some monetary help from some amazing people, and I am truly grateful for the assistance. The outpouring of love and blessings from people I know and don’t know has filled me with so much gratitude and I cannot wait to be able to pay it forward. Everything that I wanted to do in 2021 was put on hold because of the fire and COVID, but I am determined for things I see in my mind’s eye come to fruition. If there is something that you want, don’t give up on it no matter the obstacle. I will not take life for granted ever again and neither should you! Although I had a rough year, I managed to find time to smile with some of my favorite people. Here are some moments captured in 2021 that gave me reasons to smile!

Thank you so much for rocking with me in this very tumultuous year. It means more to me than you will ever know! I wish you all a happy and prosperous new year! I love you; I mean it!

XOXO Kimsue


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